History of the company







1983: Bezzeg Jozsef started his second job as an artisan as a locksmith. In the beginning, he started his practice in a 30 m2 garage, with the production of trailers, furnaces, metal locks, decorative former products and fences.

1997: Continued his work as a freelancer.

1983-97: He was able to gain such business contacts which lead to the formation of further areas within the company. He went from a range of 5-10 products to 40 and increased the number of workers to 8.

His 30m2 garage expanded to become a 350m2 plant. The production of the 40 main products has become the focus of the company.

Necessary technology for the production of products:
- formation of plastic / 1t - 63t /
- measuring of the sheet / L: 1,25m - 2m/ smax.: 4mm/
- bending / L: -2m /
- other bending machines
- CO2 protective gas welders make it possible.

Az elõállított és forgalmazott termékek négy csoportra oszthatók:
- products for the construction company, roofing binding,
- agricultural tools,
- gas equipment,
- Common-use tools.

Among our plans are machinery parks, production and growth of our human staff. 
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